Thursday, March 15, 2007


I Would Fight More Fiercely is a poem for each of us who regrets “holding back”. Well…no…not holding back, but failing to appreciate those moments back “in the day”. Yep, I would fight more fiercely if the years would take me back…. and I would dream more wildly, if that child would tarry here.

And for the guys, you must have—at some point—learned to adore the wispy golden girls of your neighborhood. Realizing that they may not exist simply for your seeking seed, not to be feasted upon by your aching needs. Remember the pre-pubescent urge just to impress them and leave them spellbound by your “daring” deeds?

I would hold with my daring deeds,
the wispy golden girls spellbound.
Not lure them with my seeking seed
nor feast upon my aching needs
.............those idolizing girls;
.............but love their wispy laughter’s sound