Thursday, March 15, 2007


"Uncle Russ" was fun to write in the nursery-rhyme genre and made an amusing poem out of the story of the cops beating dad's brother, Russ, to death.

"The cops (including the FBI) had been after my Uncle "Melf" for years, Either nodody knows why or nobody's talking. My dad never told them where Melf was. Neither did Russ, even when they questioned him with such exuberance, he had to be carried up to his Chicago apartment after being discarded on the sidewalk in front. He died a couple of days later. But my family showed 'em they wouldn't take a thing like that lying down. They all moved to Pittsburg."
Snappy dressers, but never confessors, dad and Russ remained so tight-lipped.....

The cops unamused and very short-fused,
in Detroit they did rough up my dad.
But that's not so bad, when Russ they did grab

in Chicago and pounded him dead.